fall sunshineI live in a bucolic suburban community in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This time of year the sky is a brilliant blue and the splash of color from the crimson and golden leaves can take your breath away.  In the midst of all of this beauty is a contentious political war that has turned nasty. Both sides are throwing barbs and some public figures are behaving shamefully.  I have been reading a forum on Facebook to keep current with the issues and to follow the political maneuverings of both sides.  I was dismayed to recently read a rather ugly post aimed at a particular political party-even though people from both sides of the aisle support the cause on this forum.  I just wish that everyone would step back and take a deep, deep breath.

We all need to get some perspective.  PLEASE remember that when this election is over, we will still be a community. Let us not resort to cruel words and generalizations that cut so deep as to leave our community with no way to come together again and begin to heal.  People from both sides of the issue will still live in our community whether we win or lose.  But even more importantly, we need to remember this:


Some people that post may have children that are too young to read social media, however, they can read their parent’s demeanor and sense their attitude.  What are we showing them about how we treat people that think differently than we do?  Tolerance and acceptance are not virtues that we ‘put on’ when it is convenient.  Parents can read picture books to their children about how important it is to not be a bully, but that message goes out the window when the child sees the parent living a contradictory message. Ironically, we are supposedly fighting this fight for the children!

It’s hard. I get it.  But we are going to have to build back up whatever we destroy.  Let’s make it easier on ourselves and cause as little destruction as possible. I have found that people rarely regret taking the high road…and I have taken the ‘low road’ enough to realize that the satisfaction is fleeting and not worth critically injuring another soul. Remember folks, we will reap what we sow.




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