Fall is the perfect time to get outside and get active.  The bright blue sky, the gorgeous colors and the cool weather are very motivating. I have been looking into fitness trackers for awhile now.  Several years ago, I looked at the Bodybugg, but it was expensive. I got the Nike+ and have tried the Polar heart rate monitor.  I have also used sites like My Fitness Pal. What I like about Fitbit is that it combines aspects of each one of the other systems.  It is by far the easiest system that I have used. 

The Fitbit tracks your food, calories burned (steps, miles, floors and active minutes), water intake, weight and sleep.  It automatically updates your calories in/calories out and lets you know what is left in your ‘budget’.  The food listing is not very extensive, so you will probably end up adding in the food and calories manually for many items.  Also, it takes about 5-10 minutes to update.  I was having so much fun playing with it, that I was annoyed when I had to wait that long for an update.  Other than those two minor challenges, I think the Fitbit is an amazing tool.

So which Fitbit product is right for you?  You can choose from the Zip ($60), One ($100), Flex($100) and Force($129). The Fitbit Ultra is no longer available. The site has a comparison chart for each product.  I chose the Fitbit One because I wanted the sleep tracker feature and I wanted something that could tell time.  The Flex is very similar to the One, except it doesn’t tell time and the Flex is a wristband.  The One is a small (about 2″ long) Bluetooth like object that clips on your clothing.  It also comes with a Velcro wrist strap that can hold the One. All of the models, except the Zip, have a rechargeable battery. The comparison chart shows that the One does not have goal setting, but it displays goals on mine.  It gives me a daily goal of calories burned and activities.  After typing in my goal weight, it let me choose what type of program that I wanted and then told me when I would reach my goal.  It would take me until August 2015 to reach my goal weight if I chose the “Easiest” program!  I decided to go with the “Medium” level and should reach my goal by August 2014. 🙂

Have you used a Fitbit product?  What do you think?  Are there any Bodybuggers out there?  How do you like it?


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