Suburban Homestead

Have you ever seen the blog 100 Days of Real Food?  It’s awesome.  The blog is by a young mother that feeds her family only wholesome, homemade food each meal, every day.  Nothing processed, no shortcuts, just healthy homemade stuff.  Her latest post is about making homemade Halloween candy. That takes some perseverance, dedication and time.  She is a warrior.

Well, bless her heart. As much as I would love to be THAT mom, I’m not.  Friends, let me be real honest.  There are days that having a shower AND clean underwear earns a win in my book. Truth.  

So, I’m going to do MY version.  10 days of homemade food.  That means 10 days of cooking for my family with no fast food or Chinese take-out.  By the way, I’m only counting dinner.  Three meals a day?  I don’t think so.

So here is my tentative 10 day…

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