As the flood waters begin to recede, many families are starting to put the pieces of their lives back together while others are still in crisis mode. How bad was the flooding? There is not a soul alive in Colorado that has ever seen the likes of this. It was said that this was a 500-1,000 year flood. The weather service described the storm as rain in”biblical proportions”.
Most families do not have flood insurance. When you live on the side of a mountain in a semi-arid region, flood insurance doesn’t seem that pressing. Some families lost more than their homes, pets and livestock. A young couple was washed away with the first surge. The last I heard the death toll was five, but people are still missing.
Families in Evans were told that they could not use their toilets or showers for 10 days. TEN DAYS. How do you begin to rebuild and clear away the muck and mud when you can’t even wash your hands?
As always, after the bleakest moments, after the very darkest hour, we get glimpses of the best of humanity. People are coming together and gving what they can. So please keep the folks in Colorado in your thoughts and prayers and count your blessings. And buy flood insurance.


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