I got to experience the Boeing 787 on my flight from London to Houston. I don’t have a picture of the jet, so I posted a picture of some artwork that I saw when I landed at IAH.
I will admit that I was a bit dismayed at the thought of spending a 9+ hour flight in the cramped quarters of the economy section, but I was also grateful to get on a flight home. The previous two flights were booked full with little room for standbys.
The seats were roomy for economy and there were electrical outlet plugs between each seat. YES! Now we just need free WIFI on flights and traveling will be a piece of cake! Each seat also had a video monitor with free movies and entertainment. The video monitors had a USB plug that enables passengers to watch vdeos from their own device. I enjoyed several movies, a peek out of the galley windows at the glaciers in Iceland, dinner and a snack and then it was time to land. It was not a bad flight at all.
During the flight, there were a few times that we experienced turbulence and the overhead luggage compartment swayed and shook a bit. It was disconcerting to see such a large part of the aircraft moving when it is supposed to be stationary.
The 787 was not as large as I was expecting, but it is a nice aircraft. It is not as big as the 747, but I am guessing that it is about the size of the 767. My smart and handsome pilot husband tells me that due to modern engineering, the 787 can fly point-to-point virtually anywhere in the world. I think he said it is because the composites used are so much lighter, but then he got into all the technical stuff and I got distracted. I hope I get then chance to try out business class on the 787. I’m sure it is wonderful. Of course, anything that has free champagne counts as wonderful in my book.



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