Wy do we do it? Let’s face it, travel can be inconvenient and at times can be downright uncomfortable. It’s expensive. Airport security and converting currency can be a hassle.
I’ve noticed that traveling in my forties requires a bit more effort than traveling in my 20s and 30s. Those red-eye flights and lumpy beds take a little more recovery time. The 40s have brought annoyingly random aches and pains. I had a bit of a limp the other day and my daughter asked, “What did you do?” My answer, “I woke up. “. At this age, you don’t have to “do” anything to have a ‘hitch in your get-along’. So why do we do it? Why do we make the effort to travel to new and exciting places?
For me, I think there are many reasons. There are the little things like hearing a different language spoken each time that we stepped into the elevator in Barcelona. Or learning about a different culture or trying new foods. Then there are the big things like being awe-struck at God’s amazing creations or meeting people that become a part of your life or broaden your thinking. It is especially rewarding to share these experiences with my children, so that their world view is broadened. It’s the experiences and memories that keep me coming back for more. For those of us with wanderlust coursing through our veins,there is always another adventure waiting. My next adventure? Maybe Prague, Alaska or Croatia.
What about you? What keeps you motivated to travel? Where is your next ‘wishlist’ destination?



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