I arrived in Barcelona and went straight to the Barcelona Hilton. It is a sleek, contemporary hotel about a mile from the Picasso museum and a block away from the L’Illa Mall. They have a fabulous brakfast and evening cocktails. I ordered grilled fish from the restaurant and it was the best grilled fish I’ve ever had.
The next day my daughter, Kaitlyn arrived. I had not seen her for about a month, because she was away completing a study abroad program. It was a great reunion! This was the best part of my trip so far. I have missed my girl! In minutes our room was a wreck as she took out all of her treasures and gifts from trips to the Alhambra and Morocco. The Alhambra looks like it is a site not to be missed. From Morroco she brought back some oils, tea, a tile clock, spices and a leather bag.
We did not see much of Barcelona the next day because neither of us felt well. We did walk a few blocks to a beautiful plaza where families with young chldren were enjoying the evening.




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