On my last night in Arad, the family presented me with gifts. They had sent one of the older boys into town to have special t-shirts made for my family. I think this errand took up most of his afternoon. I had taken a few of the girls shopping and thought that I would get some shirts for my kids. The only shirts that I found had New York, Hollywood or Los Angeles on them. So the girls told Mama Rodi and she decided to have some shirts made for us. They gave me 6 shirts that say, “I left my heart in Arad”. And it is true. I did leave my heart with this wonderful family.
THEN, they gave me handpainted bottles of wine and homemade wild raspberry syrup AND a handpainted Romanian plate. Did I mention that this family feeds 14 people daily (with no dishwasher to help with cleaning up)? My heart was so full and grateful, but it wasn’t over. One of the girls came to the home at the age of 4, only speaking a few single words, due to a significant developmental delay. With tireless effort from the family, she now speaks fluently, although she will always have challenges. Over the past week, she talked at length with me and it didnt seem to bother her that I couldn’t understand anything that she said. I don’t know Romanian and she doesn’t speak English. Still, we played games, painted pictures and ‘chatted’. After the family had given me the wonderful gifts, the girl walked over to me and in halting English, she slowly said, ‘I love you’. Yep, that one made me tear up. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. My cup runneth over.



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