Yesterday was a quite an adventure. Due to miscommunication (that I’m pretty sure was my fault), I was stranded at the Budapest Airport with no way to communicat with my Romanian contacts. I arrived at the airport at 12:30 and by 3:00 it was apparent that I needed to make alternate arrangements. At 500 euros, a rental car was out if the question. I booked a ticket on the next train, which left at 7pm.
The Budapest train station is a bit tired and grimy,and if you want to use the bathroom, you had better have some change. It’s about $0.25; payable in Hungarian coins only (see travel tip # 2 on the travel tip page). Before my train left I ordered dinner: Hungarian goulash, ‘homemade salad’ and fries. The dinner came with flourpellets. When I asked what they were, the waiter had a hard time explaining and decided to bring fries instead.
The train ride was about 4 hours long and we pulled into Arad around 12:30 (there is an hour time difference). I was surprised at the architectural beauty around the city. The people seem to be just as beautiful and very friendly. We’ll see what the week holds



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