The visit to one of the public baths was fabulous. Before I left for this trip, I purchased the Budapest card online ( and picked it up at the airport upon my arrival) so the entrance to the Lukàcs Thermal Bath and the public transportation was free. The bath is near Margaret Island, so I took a stroll around the lovely area (not that I mistakenly thought that the baths were on the island or anything silly like that). The trams run every few minutes and are easy to hop on and off. I was not able to find any maps of the routes posted, so make sure to bring your own pocket map.
The bath house is a beautiful building with thermal baths, a VERY cold swimming pool, saunas, massage area and physio-therapy equipment. It’s like a nice YMCA. Many elderly people were there swimming and keeping fit. I learned that there is not an age limit on bikinis. Evidently 80 or 90 years old is not too old for a two-piece. Kudos to those ladies for staying active.
Margaret Island is a popular place for families. There are no motorized vehicles, but you can rent all types of pedal-powered ones. There is a beautiful water fountain (that plays classical music along with the dancing water, but the music was not playing while I was there), a zoo, a pool facility, football field and many other attractions.
I have a few hours left in Budapest and I am going to try and take a tour of the Labyrinth before I leave for Romania.
The pictures are of the interior and exterior of the bath house; the fountain on Margaret Island; the view from the Margaret Bridge looking back toward the Hilton and Fisherman’s Bastion.




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