The big cities in Europe are as diverse and complex as its history. There is the ‘popular crowd’ with the richly elegant London, the sexy sophistication of ‘ mean-girl’ Paris, and the not-afraid-to-break-the-rules Amsterdam. Budapest may not make the popular crowd list, but it is too beautiful to miss. The architecture and history are fascinating. The people are friendly.

The Hilton Buda hotel is a fabulous choice for accommodations. It was the first international hotel built here add it was built around the ruins of a 13th century Dominican churchyard. The hotel sits on a UNESCO World Heritage site and the views on the Danube side are amazing.

The Pest side the city is on the other side of the Danube and is several times bigger than Buda.

  1. Photo #1: Plum schnapps. It will knock your socks clear off.
  2. Photo 2: a view of the Hilton and the church ruins.
  3. Photo 3: This is a bronze model of Matthias church, created for the visually impaired tourist.  Brilliant!
  4. Photo 4: The view from my room of the Danube River, part of the churchyard and the Fisherman’s Bastion.  Look at the bronze replica again of Matthias Church.  Do you see the small peaked towers that surround the back of the church?  That is Fisherman’s Bastion.

Tomorrow’s adventure will hopefully include a dip into one of the famous public mineral baths. Stay tuned!



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