Tomorrow begins the adventure. I will fly to Chicago and then on to Brussels for a night. The next stop is Budapest for a few days of being a tourist and then finally on to Romania to volunteer.  It seems like it was ages ago when these plans started to take shape.  Our pastor mentioned a book that he had written called Ana’s Voice: When God Speaks Through a Silent Child  It is one of the most compelling stories that I have ever read, and I am an avid reader.

The story lingered in my mind and settled uneasily in my heart. I tried to find a way to help through Global Hope and now I am on my way to Arad, Romania. After making plans to go to Arad, I attended a fundraising dinner for Global Hope.  I learned even more stories about the children that are being touched and lifted out of poverty. I know that my contributions are small, but a small effort is a start. My bags are packed with candy, toys and lots of peanut butter.  Evidently peanut butter is not readily available in Romania.

I will stay at a group home called Ana’s House with the house family and 10 foster children.  I’m anxious to meet all of them.


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