I’ve seen the GBOMBS (green leafy veggies, berries, onions, mushrooms, beans) slowly begin to disappear from my diet the last couple of days.  Dr. Fuhrman highly recommends consuming these foods daily.  Ken (at least when he is home) and I have still been watching our saturated fate intake and I’m still exercising but I need to get those salads going again.

Yesterday I made some cranberry-lime vodka and it’s the colors are gorgeous.  It needs to sit for 2 weeks- 2 months; just in time for the holidays!

I’ll strain it into a cute, clean bottle then attach a recipe card for Crantinis and give as a gift.  Thanks Pinterest!

I’m adding a page called The List.  We all have ‘the list’.  Those things that we want to do someday.  Let me tell you, someday doesn’t magically come.  If you want things to happen you need to make time and make a plan.


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