Pho just might be the answer to how to find healthy-on-the-road food.  I discovered a gem of a restaurant called Pho Duy in Greeley, Colorado.  If you have never tried this Vietnamese delicacy, you are missing out.  So just what is Pho ?  It is  flavorful broth that is served with a plateful of  of fresh vegetables, herbs, noodles and your choice of protein.  You add the items that you want into the hot steaming broth for a custom made bowl of healthy deliciousness. I like to order a spring roll (which is healthier fresh version of an egg roll) with my pho.  Beats burgers and fries every time!

I found another wonderful place called Pho-natic in downtown Denver, at Grant and Colfax.  Delicious!  I took a hot, steaming bowl of chicken pho to my daughter who has been sick.  She said that it felt like she was healing with each bite.  I brought a home rare steak and well done brisket pho for my husband, seafood for myself and Vietnamese meatball for my son.  I would love to find a good recipe for the broth.  It is a complex mixture of spices and flavors.

The picture below is platter of seafood, herbs and vegetables for the pho from Pho-natic.


I haven’t been to a Zumba class in a couple of years and I decided to ramp up my workout routine.  There was a new class starting today so I went for 1 solid hour of arse kicking aerobics.  The instructor ended the session with the Thriller dance.  Thriller? It was so much fun!  I haven’t danced like a zombie since the 80’s.  Loved it!  BTW, are there any Zumba fans out there?



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