I decided to re-energize my eating plan by juicing all day and finishing the day with a light dinner.  The Reboot Your Life website (www.jointhereboot.com) has some good recipes.  My son’s favorite is the pineapple/orange/ginger/fresh coconut water mixture.  I also got some great recipes from The Juice Lady book that I mentioned in an earlier post.  The pineapple/apple/cucumber is delicious.  Anyway, it was a commuting-to-school day so I wanted to make several juices to take on the 3 hour commute.  It took 2 hours to buy, chop and juice the produce.  I was only able to get in a 13 minute run, but I tried to push it hard and make it count.  It has taken a lot time to cook too.  I need to find some quick recipes.  This is seriously cutting into my study time.


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