Monday, 10/8/12

It’s bound to happen; schedules conflict and tough choices have to be made.  My son’s choir concert was Monday evening and conflicted with my statistics class.  This is not a class that I am sailing through, so I felt bad about missing it-but the concert was great!  He was featured in a funny video and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss it.  My daughter drove down from Denver and I loved having the four of us together for an evening.  Ken and I went to Orange Leaf and picked up some fro-yo for the family.  Their fresh squeezed frozen o.j. is fabulous-and hopefully healthy. 🙂

Day 10 and I’m still trying to stick to the suggestions of Dr. Fuhrman.  I’ve done well in some areas and some have been challenging.  One thing that is a big change for me…I haven’t had ONE PIECE of HALLOWEEN CANDY!  I’ve put it out for the kids, but I haven’t indulged. 🙂

 Successful Changes:

Adding more beans and nuts to  dishes

Adding more salad

No sodas or any kind of diet drink

Eliminating most dairy

No cookies, candy, brownies, donuts or other junkie sweets.

No artificial sweeteners


Finding a non-dairy, nonfat salad dressing that tastes good

Eliminating most meat; I’m ok with less meat but it’s hard to cook family friendly food.

Cooking food that my family likes

No salt

Not feeling full

Finding something to eat for breakfast

Boring food choices

But, I’m going to stay with it because today I fit into a favorite pair of khaki dress slacks.  YES!



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