I had the distinct impression that olive oil was healthy.  Turns out, it just not as bad as some of the other oils and fats out there.  Other than trace amounts of vitamin E, it doesn’t really add anything healthy to your body.  “Yeah, but what about the whole Mediterranean Diet thing?” you ask.  According to Dr. Furhman, the research conducted on the island of Crete was done in the ’50’s.  The typical resident ate mostly fresh vegetables, fruit and some fish.  They also walked an average of nine miles a day.  Yes, they were healthy.  Yes, they had a low incidence of heart disease. But, they were able to consume olive oil because they were healthy; the olive oil didn’t make them healthy.  As their dietary and exercise patterns changed, so did their health.

The ETL plan recommends 1 teaspoon or less per day.  Cooking without lots of olive oil has not been difficult.  I have a pump sprayer for olive oil and I have been using vegetable broth to saute onions.  The difficult part for me is finding a good salad dressing without olive oil.  I need to try some of the recipes from the ETL site.  That will be my goal this week!

I tried the Banilla Nice Cream yesterday.  If you have a powerful blender, then you can get the mixture to a silky, creamy texture. It has the consistency of soft frozen yogurt.  It has a mild flavor and is not very sweet.  I might try to add a little more vanilla next time.

Yesterday I made some Texas chili with beans instead of meat.  True Texas chili doesn’t have any beans, but I think I was able to still get that authentic Texas chili flavor.  Tonight I’m going to use the chili to make tacos.  I’ll share the recipe for the chili if my family gives it a thumbs up. 🙂

As well as dietary changes, I have been making an effort to exercise more.  Yesterday I got all of my things together to ride my bike to the grocery store.  I had another flat tire.  Those STUPID goat head thorns had ruined another inner tube.  My husband changed my tire a couple of weeks ago because of those thorns.  I only ride on paved surfaces but those suckers still find my tires.  So, I walked to the store and back. It took longer and my back really didn’t like carrying the groceries home, uphill, in a backpack-but I burned 650 calories!  Woo-hoo!


Kaitlyn is home this weekend and she led worship service at church today.  It’s such a joy to watch her serve and to hear her sing.  She started at Parker United Methodist Church as a preschooler. After church, she and Alex (the boyfriend) packed a picnic lunch and were going to find a park somewhere close.  It’s the perfect day for a picnic: sunny and mild, about 74 degrees out.

Tonight Kaitlyn and I are teaching confirmation class. I just printed the lesson and it’s 12 pages long!  I really should be studying for my classes, but I haven’t taught confirmation this year.


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