Everything seems to be going at warp speed right now.  Our daughter came home for the weekend.  We went shopping at our favorite ‘girly’ indulgence place: Lush.  Saturday night we all watched The Lorax  together.  Kaitlyn and I spent most of Sunday studying.  The weekend flew by and this week seems to be going just as fast.  I guess those lazy days of summer are truly gone.  Since I have been trying to follow Dr. Joel Furhman’s program, Eat to Live, a lot of time has been spent shopping and cooking.  My husband has been making quite a few remarks about the copious amounts of kale and other green things that have been showing up on his plate (and the absence of meat and cheese).  I asked him if he wanted me to fix the healthy stuff for just me and he could eat as usual. He said, “No, I’m just in the making fun of you phase.”  Of course, left to their own devices last night, he made steak and cheese sub sandwiches.  Not a green vegie in sight. 🙂

Jacob had to take dress pants to school today because he is being filmed for a video that will be shown at the next choir concert.  I have no idea what he will be doing, but considering that our youth minister is involved in the production, I’m sure it’s going to be funny.  Jake’s senior pictures are this Friday and we need to get him new shoes and a haircut before then.  Trying to fit those things in between school and work can be a challenge.  At least the kid is making money.

I turned in my first stats exam on Monday.  I have no idea what range my grade will be for this exam.  I keep waiting for this “light of understanding” to turn on…still waiting. A few posts back I started a list about the things that I’ve learned about grad school.  I have a few more things to add:

1.  Dissertations are typically 5-7 chapters.

2. You have to pick a committee ( and not all faculty members have the correct rating to serve on a doctoral committee).

3. Some doctorate degrees can have a minor.

4. There is a database of published dissertations.

5. If your idea for a dissertation topic (like, if you are at Florida U. and invent Gatorade) might have retail value, save it for AFTER you graduate.  Anything published while you’re a doctoral student is property of the university.

I have a few more things to add.  I revised number one.

6.  It takes 5 statistics classes to get a minor in statistics in a doc program.

7.  A surprising number of people don’t have a concrete idea of what they are going to do after they complete their doctorate.

8.  A grade of a “C” is failing and you must take the class again.

9.  The process can easily consume your life.  Make sure that you REALLY want a doctorate before committing to a program.

10.  It’s ok to cry.


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