I made it through the first week of graduate school.  Yesterday I spent about five hours puzzling over 30 statistics problems, but I think I have the hang of it.  I probably could have finished in less time if we didn’t have the roofers banging away on top of our house all day. Our poor dog just about wet herself with the constant noise and occaisional thunderous BOOM! when the packs of shingles were dropped on the roof.

There is so much information to process, but I find it pretty interesting.  My enthusiasm will fade quickly, however, if I bomb any of the tests.  So far the most difficult part of starting a doctorate degree has been all of the paperwork.  Immunizations, FAFSA, Promissory notes, DNA from your mother’s first cousin, finding textbooks, getting into the right class and getting cohort restrictions lifted, etc.  Currently there is a hold on my account (school’s error) and I wonder what hoops I will need to jump through to get that taken off.  Those little details are like annoying flies buzzing around your head.  As soon as you smack the snot out of one, another one appears.  Oh yeah, I need a graphing calculator, and new statistics software, and both tires on my BRAND NEW BIKE are flat from these nasty thorns on campus…see, endless buzzing flies.

This sign was at the orientation.  I LOVE it!  The graphics and the content are just beautiful.  Yes, I was the only dork that got up to take a picture of this work of art. 🙂


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