Baltimore, Maryland.  I finally got to see this seaside city.  My husband arranged a long layover and we met at the Inner Harbor.  Some couples measure their trips in days or even weeks; ours are measured in hours.  29 hours in Maui, 31 hours in Baltimore  and 24 hours in Manhattan are a few of the get aways that we have taken over the years.   Stealing a couple of days away from the mundane routine of life is fun, so the brevity of the trips doesn’t bother me.

Our first morning we walked down to Lexington Market and strolled around taking in the enticing sights and smells of this bustling place.Image  Some of the food we had never heard of and we’ve both travelled quite a bit.  Bean pies?  Surprisingly good.  Neither of us were adventurous enough to try Hog Maws.Image

We did, however, find the most incredible crab cakes.  They were a thing of beauty.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t part with our forks long enough to take a picture of the mound of succulent crab.ImageEach bite was a symphony of buttery sweet crab accented with the perfect blend of savory spices.

One thing that surprised us both was the sweltering humidity.  It was like slogging through a sauna.  We were exhausted after only a couple of hours of walking around.  Even though I grew up in a town that had areas below sea level (we literally had a bayou running behind our neighborhood), I have become acclimated to the dry Rocky Mountain air.  I decided our next outing would involve an air-conditioned car.

We decided to drive down to Annapolis (apparently, Annapolis Road doesn’t actually get you to Annapolis-at least not directly).  This little hamlet was not what we expected.  What a beautiful little town!  Over a couple of ice-cold Yeungling’s, Ken wondered aloud if the Naval Academy would ever need any literacy professors.  That would be one sweet gig!

So now it’s back to reality and the long ‘to do’ list. Faculty meetings, conference meetings, moving our daughter to her apartment, church activities and preparing to teach a class that starts on Monday.  Somewhere in all of that I need to sneak in a run or two and get ready for the classes I will be taking.  Did I mention that I am also moving into another living space?  I’ll be renting a room a couple of nights a week.  I should probably go and pack now.


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