We had a great night with the youth group at church.  Our youth minister and his intern (my daughter) planned some fun and crazy events.  You can’t help but laugh while watching teenagers fish out gummy bears from a pie plate of whipped cream with no hands.  It was a fun way to end the summer and kick off another school year.

My daughter is excited to move out into her own apartment to be closer to college.  We worked on some pillows for her new place.  She’s asked for some recipes and information about running a household.  I’ve been working on “The Book of Mom”.  More about that in a later post.

I’m savoring these last few days with my daughter before classes start…and before my statistics class begins.  So not looking forward to that.

Yesterday I went for my longest bike ride yet.  It was 8.79 miles with a few hills.  I was glad that I made the whole route, but I was exhausted at the end.  I can’t wait until an eight mile bike ride is nothing.  Since my legs got such a workout yesterday (they were like jelly for seveal hours after the ride), I gave them a recovery day and just did some upper body strength training.  It was great to look back at my workout calendar and see 4 entries for the week.  No more sitting on the couch! Last night I finished a book called Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run by Andrew Holgate, about a middle-aged overweight librarian who ended up competing in triathlons.  It’s so inspiring to see how one decision on one day can change a life.


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